The recommended and easiest way to install excel-requests is via the installation script:

  1. Download install.ps1
  2. Open a File Explorer and go to the downloaded file’s folder
  3. Right click install.ps1
  4. Click Run with PowerShell

Manual Installation

  1. Determine whether your Excel is 32bit or 64bit (open Excel, click File, click Account, click About Excel, this opens a window that tells you version number and bitness in the first row)
  2. Go to
  3. If your Excel is 64bit, download “Requests64.xll” otherwise “Requests.xll”
  4. Though you can save the “Requests64.xll” or “Requests.xll” anywhere on your computer, it is recommended that you move it to this folder: %APPDATA%MicrosoftAddIns
  5. Open Excel, click File, click Options, click Add-ins, at the bottom, click (Manage Excel Add-ins) Go..., click Browse and navigate to the location of the downloaded Addin

Get the Source Code

Excel Requests is actively developed on GitHub, where the code is always available